Andy Cartwright Pallet L'artiste Cheese Set (incl board)

R489.00 incl. VAT

Express yourself with the elegant Palette L’Artiste Cheese Set! This vibrant product range is a daring marriage of eco-friendly materials, uninhibited design techniques and a desire to bring an element of fun to people’s lives.

Personalise your gift by choosing one of the following glass boards

-Andy Cartwright ‘Mr & Miss Smarty Pants’ Glass Board (AC-2180/ AC-2195)
-Andy Cartwright ‘I am South African’ Glass Board (AC-2185)
-Andy Cartwright ‘I am African’ Glass Board (AC-2190)


I Am South African, I Am African, Noovii Mr & Mrs Smarty Pants, Noovii Miss SmartyPants


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